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About Us

Our Mission

Global Strategies empowers communities in the most neglected areas of the world to improve the lives of women and children through healthcare.

What We Do

We serve women and children in the most neglected areas of the world who have limited or no access to modern healthcare. We are committed to transforming these communities by reducing maternal and infant mortality and overcoming barriers to the overall health of women and children. We achieve lasting change with the following strategies:

Educate Identify and train local partners to deliver quality healthcare in their communities

ConnectLink local organizations to partners and resources to ensure sustainability

InnovatePioneer new educational programs and improve evaluation tools to create lasting impact

How We Work

We partner with local healthcare providers in areas of the world where few humanitarian organizations will go or stay.

Global Strategies and our local partners each bring something to the table. Our experience creating effective programs combined with our partners' knowledge of the local health and political landscape creates a partnership that provides women and children with outstanding medical care.

How do you improve the health of a mother or child living 9,000 miles away, in a place completely unlike your own? Global Strategies focuses on investing in and building long-term relationships with local healthcare workers. The best person to take care of a mother or child is a trained professional living and working in the patient’s community. Our job is to identify great local providers, train additional ones when needed, and provide them with the vital tools and resources necessary to help their own communities reach health.