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Regional Partners

India Mysore District
Our project with SVYM includes building and educating a core rehabilitation team to address patient needs.

In addition, the project focuses on patient education, educational outreach to the local community through seminars and projects to develop an understanding about disability and community-based rehabilitation.

DRC - S Kivu
Our field partner, CELPA, has an established infrastructure and trained staff and has worked with Global Strategies to develop their technical capabilities and critical supplies and materials to deliver HIV prevention and treatment services, educate healthcare workers and the local community. The project is focused on 20 communities in 5 health zones of South Kivu Province.

DRC - S Kivu
Global Strategies began partnering with Panzi Hospital in 2009 to deliver post-rape healthcare to rape survivors.

The project expanded in 2012 by providing access to 2,000 post-rape health kits, called the Prévention Pack, to survivors in the South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The expanded project includes intensive training with experts in the field of sexual violence and an improved regimen of prescribed medications.

The advantage of the “Prévention Pack” is that it requires fewer pills that are easier to tolerate. With the use of the Prévention Pack we hope to provide more effective HIV prevention.

DRC - S Kivu
Since 2011 we have partnered with BDOM to implement an “education for life” approach in three areas of the community: health clinics, churches and schools. BDOM is currently delivering HIV services, strengthening healthcare worker education and building capacity within clinics in 20 communities in 4 health zones in South Kivu Province.

Wild4Life addresses the unmet need for health services in rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa by mobilizing communities, creating demand, connecting them to health service providers, and managing a coordinated response.

Global Strategies began working with Wild4Life on an HIV education and training project for park workers and their families in collaboration with the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in in the Hwange District, home to the largest park in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park, in August 2011.

DRC - Bukavu
Our partner’s name, “Halt SIDA" translates to “Stop AIDS.” They use a peer educator
model with particular focus on vulnerable youth to address gender roles, healthy
sexuality, family planning, and HIV prevention. Sex and HIV/AIDS education for
youth has a dramatic impact on behavior modification and protects both sexes from
HIV and young women from teen pregnancy.

Halt SIDA trains volunteer peer educators who work with a supervisor to raise awareness among their friends and colleagues in school, university and the community.

Volunteer peer educators are trained through extensive workshops covering HIV/AIDS and related issues including life skills, social mobilization, and effective communication. Peer educators receive training materials (condoms, leaflets, posters, etc.) and routine evaluation to further their development. Through a cadre of 24 volunteers, more than 8,500 youths can be reached annually.

DRC - N Kivu - Goma
Our partnership with HEAL Africa began in 2005, allowing us to aid in establishing the first perinatal transmission program in Goma.

In 2006, we co-founded the Children’s AIDS Program and garnered the support of The Clinton Foundation which provides antiretroviral medication for 400 HIV+ children.

As a field partner, HEAL Africa has worked with Global Strategies on several projects including, PEP, PMTCT, pediatric HIV, rehabilitation, and Advancing Baby Care.